Silver caps size XL



  • With this sample pack you get 3 silver caps of each size 1 – S, M and XL.
  • Anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial.
  • Without using drugs or cream.
  • Heals nipple inflammation and thrush.
  • Restores cracked nipples.
  • Sustainable and natural product.
  • To melt into jewelry.

The Zilverkapjes are an aid in the treatment of nipple complaints. The caps protect wounds against external factors and friction from clothing.

The anatomical shape with a round apex respects the natural boundary of the nipple. The silver caps are nickel free. They are safe for the baby and the mother. By wearing the cap, the nipple is supported and protected. The healing effect of breast milk, in combination with the healing effect of silver, creates an environment that bacteria and fungi have little control over. The caps create a moist and sterile environment which accelerates the healing process and works against the proliferation of micro-organisms.

We also advise to solve the cause of the complaints. Nipple fissures can often be prevented by applying proper application.

What’s in the silver caps XL box?

In addition to the 2 silver caps, one order also contains a leaflet and a handy storage bag made of satin. This makes the silver caps easy and hygienic to carry.

Make it a keepsake jewelry!

The silver caps can be melted down after use into beautiful jewelry as a reminder of the breastfeeding period.

At Irene van Innerjewels, the silver caps are fused into a unique mother’s milk jewel. These are made in our own studio with the greatest care, attention and love.

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