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Silver helps against nipple fissures

Many women who breastfeed their babies are unfortunately familiar with the phenomenon of nipple fissures or related bacterial and viral infections. A painful and unpleasant experience. Silver has long been known as an effective antibiotic. It offers a solution for more than 650 viral and bacterial diseases and has an anti-inflammatory effect. That is why there is now the Silver Cap to allow women to breastfeed without difficulty. The mother places the Silver Cap on the nipple after each feeding. Then the silver does its purifying work. Or rather: it kills bacteria and supports the immune system.

Publication: Audax NL

Interview with lactation consultant of ‘borstvoedingscentrum Eindhoven en Kraamzorg Homecare’

Ruth Adriaansens, a lactation specialist at Borstvoedingscentrum Eindhoven and Homecare Maternity Care, often hears enthusiastic reactions. Two years ago she learned of the existence of silver nipple caps from a client. Ruth asked an Italian manufacturer for a sample package. ‘As a lactation consultant I often encounter problems such as thrush and nipple fissures. I had several clients test the nipple caps because I wanted to see the proof of their effectiveness for myself. After some very positive experiences, I am convinced that the product helps well. Of course, in addition to using the caps, the baby must be put on properly, otherwise the symptoms will keep returning.’

What advice can Ruth give young mothers to help them attach their baby better? ‘Basically, go by your maternal instincts. If you don’t have any problems and the baby drinks well, it doesn’t matter how the baby is positioned. However, you can reduce the risk of problems by directing the nipple preferably towards the nose. This way the baby lifts the neck slightly and the lower jaw has to do most of the work. This gives no negative friction in the mouth, so there is less chance of problems.’

Effects of gold and silver on the body

Gold bubbles, silver twinkles on cakes and chocolate, beer with gold flakes and honey with gold flakes: gold leaf and silver leaf do well in the kitchen. And there’s really no harm in that. Gold and silver are among the trace elements that humans need. The human body, at an average weight of 70 kg, naturally contains about 0.2 mg of gold. Pure gold is harmless, as are gold compounds.

Centuries ago the Chinese used to boil gold coins in their rice and vegetables because of its vitalizing effects. Gold was also known as an elixir of life in the Middle Ages. Gold has anti-inflammatory properties. Compounds of the precious metal are used in medicines to treat rheumatoid arthritis. In modern medicine, minuscule gold particles are used to fight tumor cells. We know that silver has a disinfecting effect. Many peoples use silver objects to purify drinking water; practically every American cowboy therefore carried a silver dollar. Silver was also used to help the wounded during the First World War.

Recent research has shown that silver (as a medicine) could be the answer to the major problem of antibiotic resistance. Silver allows antibiotics to better penetrate the cell wall of bacteria and also acts on their metabolism. Like gold, silver is harmless, but some compounds are toxic and can give the skin a permanent gray color. However, we are talking about extreme use. “Silver works as an antiseptic”

Publications: The Telegraph

Silver caps for sore nipples while breastfeeding

If you have a romantic image of breastfeeding in mind, you get problems with nipple fissures and sore nipples … ahhh, horror! Despite all the information and support you receive (knowing how to latch on properly can prevent a lot of suffering!), it can happen that you find yourself breastfeeding with squeezed buttocks, because nipple fissures can be quite painful. In the Netherlands, ointments are the only thing prescribed for this. However in Italy, Switzerland and England, mothers often use silver caps. These are little shields of pure silver that you put on your nipples in your bra between feedings. So they are not comparable to the flexible nipple caps you use during feedings!
It may seem a little strange if you’ve never heard of it, but silver has traditionally been known for its antibacterial properties and healing effects. Not surprisingly, silver is now used in aircraft water tanks against contamination and refrigerators are sometimes coated with silver to reduce spoilage and mold. Silver also has an antibacterial effect on the skin. Italian-born Adelheid Bonacker could not understand why the silver caps are not available in the Netherlands and started importing them from Italy so that Dutch mothers as well can become acquainted with these silver caps. Only mothers with a proven allergy to silver (which is a very small part of the population) are advised not to use these caps.
The metal of the silver caps also has a cooling effect, creates air for the healing of the nipple and some mothers find that they leak less. You can wear the caps between feedings but also at night. Cleaning can be done simply with tap water and when breastfeeding time is over for one child, you can use them for another baby.

Publications: Babytrendwatcher

Trade magazine Baby World with special edition 9 Months Fair Amsterdam

Breastfeeding is not always as easy as it seems. Sore nipples and nipple fissures are common among women. In the Netherlands, ointments are prescribed to remedy this problem. But in England, Italy and Switzerland, mothers often use silver caps. These are silver shields with pure silver that are placed on the nipples in the bra between feedings. This creates air for the nipple to heal. Silver has an antibacterial effect on the skin and the metal of the silver shields also has a cooling effect. There are even mothers who notice that they leak less. The caps are easy to clean with tap water and can be reused for a second baby.

Publications: Ruiter Publishing

Bossche brings solution for nipple fissures to market

Klicknews and Weekly magazine Region ‘s-Hertogenbosch

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