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Miryan Berg

Findings by users of Silver Caps

Tessa Schonewill used the silver caps during breastfeeding with her most recent child. The discomfort quickly disappeared by applying Zilverkapjes®.

“Thanks to the Zilverkapjes, I experienced that the nipple felt normally soft again. This allowed me to relax during feedings again. Zilverkapjes ensured that I did not experience any discomfort. This made breastfeeding more pleasant. I was very happy that I was still could breastfeed.”

Silver caps were recommended to me after a major change in my nipple. Ordered in the afternoon and they were personally delivered by Adelheid the next morning. She was afraid that the mail would take a long time because of the carnival weekend and did not want to leave me with this inconvenience. That same evening there was clearly visible and palpable change! Thank you for your customer friendliness, commitment and a fantastic product.

I really like how you want to help your customers. I am very happy that I already had the caps yesterday. Wore them all day and by the end of the day a much healthier nipple was already visible. This morning it looked even better. Really nice! Switched to pumping on the side with the bad nipple the day before yesterday, and I think I will be able to feed again soon now. Super fine! I have already advertised for you with friends and acquaintances 🙂

I would like to order a set of silver caps. I received a set yesterday from the midwife at the hospital to get acquainted and I already notice a difference. Have less discomfort from my nipple. So I would like to have a set of my own.

Good day, the silver caps are working great! I actually wear them now mainly to support and strengthen my skin’s defenses. After a day it had reduced so much that breastfeeding was nice again and I could continue. I am very satisfied… So satisfied that I recommended you to my pregnancy course for girls, several of whom also had difficulty breastfeeding due to incorrect latching and discomfort on the nipple skin.

Neighbour advised the silver caps to her niece.

It was definitely a good tip! I ordered them and have been using them since yesterday and they have helped a lot. Thanks a lot.

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