Nipple or skin discomfort? Silver caps come to the rescue!

Nipple or skin discomfort? Silver caps come to the rescue!

I often think back to it with nostalgia, especially when I see mothers with their babies at the breast. My breastfeeding period. I thought it was a wonderful time. It gave me an enormous feeling of connection, with my child at the breast.

Okay, the beginning was a bit more difficult, it was a bit of a search for both of us. And the nights sometimes felt lonely – with a half-sleeping baby and a deep-sleeping man next to me, but once we got through those first weeks, I loved it. Fortunately, I didn’t really have any problems with my nipples. But with some moms things are different…

Help is on the way!
Breastfeeding doesn’t always run smoothly. Your nipples may feel rough, chapped and uncomfortable. And if there’s one thing you don’t want as a breastfeeding mom, it’s nipple and skin discomfort. That is why Silver caps is happy to assist you. Such natural and sustainable support is soothing for your baby and for you. Silver is the natural super power for supporting your immune system. No wonder that Zilverkapjes® was nominated by mothers for the Baby Innovation Award. Zilverkapjes® is for all breastfeeding mothers: you will definitely find one that fits your areola because they come in all possible sizes.

Woman is breastfeeding

Zilverkapjes® is happy to give you advice on breastfeeding techniques on their website. But on top of that, you can also use this natural remedy preventively by wearing Zilverkapjes® on your nipples between feedings. That is of course much better than suffering from sensitive nipples, sensitive nipple slits or rough, chapped skin. And they also take care!

An ancient tool
This is not a new feature, not a hype. Silver as a care product has been around since the Middle Ages. Noble women then used silver spoons against rough and chapped nipples. The combination of breast milk, the natural caring factor of silver and oxygen softens the nipple and skin. Of course, Zilverkapjes® has given it a modern, easy-to-use design. Thank goodness, because I can’t see myself balancing spoons on my nipples anytime soon!
It became clear that it is really something for our time when I recently received an email from a midwife in my GreenKit inbox. “Hey, are you familiar with silver caps yet?” I discovered during my pregnancy and maternity period that a midwife’s advice is worth gold, so feel free to take her advice! In Belgium you can easily order Zilverkapjes from your pharmacist or you can order them online. You can also find them in distribution points throughout the Netherlands.

A lasting memory
Do yourself a favor and put silver caps on your birth list. Mom deserves a present too, right? What can I say, 2 presents! Silver caps are made of… you guessed it… silver. And that means that in addition to painless breastfeeding, you can give yourself another gift: you can have your silver cap melted down into jewelry afterwards. What amazing!! Zilverkapjes provides a beautiful memory of a hopefully wonderful time for you and your little one in two ways.

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